You’ve Got Perfect hair, but Now What? Hire a Professional Makeup Artist

June 16, 2013
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You’ve Got Perfect hair, but Now What? Hire a Professional Makeup Artist

You want your hair to look amazing for your wedding day, prom, class reunion or special night out with your date. But what about your face? If you’re spending money to get your ‘do as fantabulous as you can, perhaps you should also budget for a professional makeup artist? Not only will your face be ready to compete with your stunning hair, you’ll know that the many photos taken, particularly at weddings and proms, will capture you at your best. A professional MUA understands the quantity of makeup you’ll need on your face, including coverage and colors, to bring out the best in pics. In addition, they are skilled at reducing the look of blemishes and those pesky dark circles under your eyes.

Get recommendations

Did you attend a wedding where not only the bride’s hair looked great, but her makeup was amazing as well? Whether you’re getting married or just wanting to attending a special event, ask her if she did her makeup herself or if she hired a professional makeup artist.

If you are seeking a professional makeup job for your own wedding, are you working with a wedding planner? They often have information on where to go to get a professional makeup artist.

Hairdressers are also excellent people to get recommendations for professional makeup jobs. In many cases, they have the hook-up on how to get the best look for your face.

Do you belong to a Facebook or another social networking site? Get the word out to see if a recommended professional MUA is in your area.

Obtain a quote

Once you have a professional makeup artist in mind, check out his or her website. Find out if the artist uses quality makeup and tools. Then obtain a quote, and if the price is reasonable, check for availability.

Get a consultation and trial

Leave yourself plenty of weeks before the big day to get a consultation and trial from a professional MUA. This way you can determine if your choice was correct.  Ask yourself if the artist is friendly, professional and if the products have an attractive appearance.

A professional makeup artist should be willing to meet with you for a consultation and trial run. If not, find one who will. If you’ve found one you’re satisfied with, be sure to schedule your actual appointment several hours before your event so that you’re not rushed.

A word on beauty schools

A reputable beauty institution, such as Aveda, is another way to find a makeup artist. In many cases, the students are senior students under the direct supervision of licensed instructors. They are close to graduating, and they are eager to do their best.

You can save money by visiting a beauty institution. However, because you’re dealing with students who are not quite professionals, there are no guarantees. Try to get a recommendation of a top student for a trial run. Then, if you’re satisfied with the job, be sure to return to the same student on the big day.

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