How to Stop the SHED!

May 17, 2013
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How to Stop the SHED!

Is your weave guilty of misbehaving, aka shedding, soon after it’s installed?  Don’t worry, it’s not alone. Any wefted hair (temporary hair extensions that are sewn or glued into a person’s natural hair) can shed. You’re bound to get shed from synthetic hair, but the same goes for even the most expensive Brazilian, Peruvian, Indian or Malaysian human hair extensions. There are reasons for the shed, but there are also ways to prevent it.

Seal the wefts

When the weft is cut to create styles, shedding can occur. Sealing the hair at the wefts before the extensions are installed is an excellent way to avoid the shed. Some people use fabric glue or other alternative, but since these are not designed to be weft sealers, they may not withstand exposure to heat, oil and water.

Therefore, it is recommended to choose a quality weft sealer product recommended by a stylist. Quality products will also leave the area flexible after drying. Speaking of your stylist, the individual should avoid cutting the weft. If cutting occurs, the stylist should seal it back properly where the hair was cut.

Proper brushing and combing

Make sure your extensions are brushed properly. Excessive brushing and combing can loosen the hair from the weft, but so can brushing and combing the hair incorrectly. Hair should be brushed while it is wet and while holding the hair half way down and starting from the ends, working your way up. In other words, always comb or brush your hair from the bottom up.


To avoid the shed, hair should be moisturized consistently with natural products. Shampoo and conditioning should be done no more than once a week, with natural products, and distributed with a wide tooth comb. Apply a leave-in conditioner to the weave and gently comb it in. Allow your weave to air-dry thoroughly. Avoid using a blow dryer and keep the use of other tools that give off heat, such as curling irons and flat irons, to a minimum. The goal is to keep your extensions as non-dry and healthy as possible to avoid excessive shedding.

Wrap it up

Wrap your hair up at night with a silk scarf. The scarf will prevent your weave from drying, breaking and snagging while you sleep. However, don’t tie it up too tight. That can also cause the shed. You may also wrap a second scarf around the first scarf for added security while you sleep.

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