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The Ugly TRUTH About “Queen Virgin Remy” Hair Extensions


In boxing, they say, “it’s the punch you don’t see that knocks you out.”

And it’s the same with your hair. What you DON’T see (or know) will hurt you most.

We learned the hard way when I tried out “Queen Virgin Remy Hair.

They are just one of the many companies deceiving consumers, taking advantage of the fact that hair extensions are billion-dollar plus market.

Like many others, this company claims to sell “virgin”… “remy”… and “single donor”… and yet none of that is true. They also lead you to believe that their different hair types, including “Brazilian”… “Peruvian”… “Russian”… all come from those countries.

Not only is this deceptive, when we did our homework, we found out their hair is just like Ali Express and others that undergo toxic treatment in China.

Here’s a video that exposes the truth about their so-called virgin hair extensions:

Gross, right?

I wondered why they do this, but then I found out the truth.


Here’s Why ‘They’ Hide or Lie About How Their Hair is Made


Whether it’s Queen Virgin Remy or another imposter, here’s the ugly truth about how their hair is gathered and created before it reaches you. (Warning, this is about to get gross!)

FIRST, tons of “scrap” hair is gathered from brushes, sinks and floors FROM INDIA. No, their hair does not come from Brazil, Peru, Russia or anywhere else. It’s remnant hair gathered from the poorest places in India.

SECOND, you’d think all that scrap hair would be dirty, tangled and disgusting, right? You bet—which is why that hair is thrown into bags and shipped to China. It must be processed.

THIRD, once bags of all this dirty hair land in China, it is disinfected to remove the bacteria and lice, so that there are no signs of visible mold or other critters present.

FOURTH, the hair is treated with chemicals to help straighten it or make it wavy. Silicon is often added to help bring back some shine after it has been damaged so deeply. This is how they give it a “Brazilian wave”… or a “Peruvian look” or whatever they select.

FIFTH, after all this, the hairs are then sown into the weave, and made to look normal. Unfortunately, it’s not possible to match the flow and direction of natural hair, but they bet on the fact that not everyone can tell the difference.


It’s No Wonder We Were So Disappointed

Even without knowing how their hair is made, it was obvious something was off. Here are some bundles we ordered.

That’s why they need to hire actors on Fiverr—like you see here:

Pretty shameful, I think you’ll agree.

Our Experience Confirmed This Is NOTHING Like Real Virgin Hair


Here are some of our thoughts:

  • The hair feels ‘hard’ or ‘coarse’—not soft like real hair. I think we’re all pretty tuned into what soft, beautiful hair feels like—this stuff just feels weird.
  • The direction of the hair strands is a little off and unnatural looking. This is a more subtle thing but definitely visible when you looked closely.
  • It also feels brittle and breaks more easily (maybe because of the bacterial damage and chemical treatment it had?)
  • The presence of chemicals and weakness makes it hard to add your own color. When we tried to dye this hair, it came out spotty and uneven. Ugh!
  • We also found that the hair tangled fairly easily. I think this is because it comes from multiple donors sown together. Real hair from a single donor just fits together, but when you start mixing you set yourself up for tangling.
  • Lifespan of this hair is SHORT. Some of the other girls we talked to said this hair only lasted them about 30 days before it looked busted and started begging to be replaced.

But That’s Not Even the Worst Part!

I don’t know about you, but I don’t want to wear a hair weave forever. My dream is to have healthy extensions while I’m nurturing my scalp and re-growing my natural hair, at which point I will stop wearing them.

I think that’s something we all hope for. None of us really love all the work it takes to mess with these extensions every day, but we want to look good, and so we deal with it.

This is where companies like Queen Virgin Remy can really hurt you. Because due to the highly chemical nature of the processing methods they use, the extensions come loaded with toxins (sometimes including heavy metals), which seep into your scalp, enter your follicles and poison them.

China is the world’s leading heavy metal offender, and when you expose your delicate hair follicles to heavy metals, it essentially sends a message to them, saying…




That’s because your body naturally wants to protect your brain and blood from exposure to these damaging chemicals. So it “closes” (i.e. kills) the hair follicle in order to protect you.

Over time, this is why so many women who use extensions begin to see premature baldness.

It’s not just that their circulation is being cut off from the weave. It’s that their scalp and individual hair follicles are literally being poisoned to death!

When we first found out the truth about all this, we were furious. Shame on companies like Queen Virgin Remy and others who used deceptive marketing—peddling chemically treated hair as totally virgin and pure—literally stealing your hair’s natural ability to regrow and thrive.

I don’t know about you, but I’m going to be extra careful the next time I get hair from any company. You simply cannot trust them when they tell you their “Brazilian” or “Peruvian” or “Indian” hair is “100% virgin”… or “remy”—because there’s nobody out there regulating anything they say.

That’s why I did my research and learned the back story about how 99% of the hair extensions out there are made—because it’s a shame when you spend so much money buying something, only to later realize it’s not what you paid for.

Hope all this has helped you in your search. Let us know if you have any questions, comments or concerns—we’d love to hear from you!


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