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The Weird “Buzz” About Mayvenn’s Hair Extensions

You’ve probably been hearing a lot of buzz about a relatively new hair extension company called Mayvenn, which has been getting a lot of press due to their “disruptive” new sales and business model. we’ll talk about that in a sec, but for now, let’s cover what you really want to know about—which is the quality of the hair.

Here’s a snippet from their website. They claim:

  • Highest Quality Virgin Human Hair Single Donor
  • Bleach-able up to level: 10 (Platinum Blonde)
  • Expected Longevity: 12 Months or more depending on care
  • After washing, our Ultra Straight hair extensions have just a hint of wave that can be easily flat ironed.
  • Lightweight and silky.
  • Holds a curl beautifully.

Well, we actually tried Mayvenn’s hair, and to be honest, it was not impressive at all. When we compared it side-by-side to Queen Virgin Remy (you can read our review of that here)—it felt almost identical.

In other words, it was brittle, dry, didn’t feel all that natural or soft, and it did not hold up well to styling and coloring.

This was pretty surprising to us, because Mayvenn has gotten a lot of press and investment capital recently, so why did their premium hair not live up to our expectations?


The Hair Industry’s Dirty Little Secret: It’s All the SAME!

Seeing this, we decided to investigate. And what we found was shocking! Allow us to explain…

When you look around at all the different hair extensions being sold, you often see terms like “Brazilian Virgin Hair Extensions”… “Peruvian Virgin Hair Extensions”… “Indian Hair Extensions”… even sometimes (though rarely), ones that claim “Russian Virgin Hair Extensions”… and I think you get the point.

All of the companies marketing these products either imply, or sometimes outright state that their hair comes from these countries. They know that women perceive the hair to be more exotic and authentic if they are listed as coming from these specific countries.

Unfortunately, 99.99% of the time, this is a…


Here’s the real truth that nobody tells you. The vast majority of the hair extensions out there, and I’m talking OVER 99%, originate in India and are processed in China (more on this in a moment).

It’s easy to understand why most of the hair comes from India; it really is the ONLY sizable country where there is a tradition of cutting your hair off for spiritual reasons. Indians also tend to have long, thick, straight hair that is perfect for being turned into weaves and extensions.

But here’s are the things most girls don’t realize.

1)    It’s possible to get true, single donor virgin hair from India (which everyone claims to sell), but it’s VERY RARE. We’ve only ever found 1 or maybe 2 companies that sell hair of this quality and caliber.

2)    Most hair from India is “scrap” or “remnant” hair—what’s left over on the floors, sinks and elsewhere after the real virgin hair is cut off. This makes sense, because it’s a lot cheaper and there’s more supply of this.

3)    The problem is, hair that’s gathered from all over is typically filled with bacteria, bugs, dirt and other impurities—making it ugly and unmanageable.

4)    So it must be processed, and that’s where China comes in. In order for this gross, dirty hair to be sterilized and made even remotely manageable, it undergoes intense chemical treatment that may include heavy metals, silicon and more.

5)    That makes the hair brittle (including split ends), easily tangled, hair to treat or manage, hard to color, and just plain not soft or natural feeling.

You can get some sense of this from a review that was done by these girls:

[insert Mayvenn segment of youtube clip]

So now that you understand that, let’s get back to Mayvenn. No matter what they say or imply, their hair is not truly single donor; again, that’s incredibly rare. Nor does it come from any of those other exotic countries that so many like Queen Virgin Remy, Go Naked Hair and others are out there claiming.

This Indian man’s expose that’s been making the rounds on the internet explains the truth far too well:

Mayvenn’s hair comes from hair gathered in India, sent to China for processing, and back to you, marketed and sold as “premium single donor” virgin hair.

We consider them especially risky because their whole business model is…

Designed to Pressure and Fool You!

Remember what I said in the beginning about Mayvenn and their buzz, well the reason why they’ve gotten so much hype and $10 million in venture capital is because they’ve come up with a “unique” business model that rewards the stylists for pushing their hair on you.

They promote this as a pioneering innovation that gives the struggling stylist a way to make extra money, but the truth is, it’s just giving the stylists motivation to push their bad hair on you and pocket the profits.

We really don’t like this one bit. You want my stylist to recommend the BEST hair to you, not because he or she is earning fat commissions on the sale of each bundle, but because of care and quality.

Sure, we’re not opposed to stylists getting commissions and making more money, but turning them into sleazy salesmen peddling hair that is misrepresented doesn’t make us feel good as customers.

So that’s my two cents on Mayvenn. Their big value is NOT having the best hair—it’s literally the same as others. Instead, their uniqueness is in having a sneakier sales process, where the stylist you trust to be honest and recommend the best is motivated to push their bad hair on you.

There are other companies you can trust a lot more, especially in terms of offering genuine single donor virgin hair, and for additional reviews or thoughts from our team, feel free to click here or kick around this website.


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