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We have reviewed Indique hair before in THIS video segment, but we thought we should write a review for our followers to expose the harsh truth about Indique. We checked out Indique’s Instagram account, and let me tell you they do a great job of selling their ‘virgin Brazilian hair’ with photos of beautiful women wearing with thick, gorgeous extensions. But nice glossy photos can’t hide the fact that they are peddling terrible quality hair, and LYING about where they get it from!

On their website, Indique claims their hair has a “natural wave, fullness and luster,” but when we received the hair it was coarse and unnatural feeling, like Barbie hair! They claim that their hair is “never mixed with animal hair”- as if that was something to brag about! The hair looked NOTHING like the girls on the website! This is seriously shady, Indique is trying to make us believe that they are selling a premium product, but the reality is it is GARBAGE and no different from Queen Virgin Remy and Mayven hair! This is the worst part: all the girls we talked to, after only a few DAYS their hair was tangled and dull looking!

We were so disappointed with the quality of the hair we had to do our homework to find out how they are getting away with selling such garbage! First off, they claim their hair is sourced from “the temples of India,” but this is a straight up LIE! There is not way that this hair is single donor hair. Single donor hair is VERY difficult to find, and this is definitely NOT single donor hair because it tangles and sheds, plus it has a weird chemical smell. GROSS.

We discovered that not only is their hair chemically treated with harsh dyes and detergents, it is actually SCRAP hair that has been rejected by the real quality hair extension companies. Warning- this is about to get really disgusting. I suggest you sit down.

All the gross, tangled scraps of hair that are left over or rejected because of LICE, DANDRUFF, MOLD and all sorts of other weird bugs is balled up in huge garbage bags and sent to China. This is the bottom of the barrel hair that no reputable company would touch with a ten-foot pole. Indique doesn’t buy virgin single donor hair like they claim, and the reason they lie is because the truth is SO disgusting NO ONE would buy their hair if they knew!

But it gets worse! To get rid of all this DISGUSTING mold and lice, they treat the hair with detergents that are so damaging and toxic, they are illegal in the United States. These detergents have heavy metals that can be absorbed by your scalp, and damage your hair follicles, causing your natural hair to FALL OUT. The chemicals are so damaging that your body will do anything to prevent them from being absorbed. China is one of the worst environmental offenders in the world, so why would they treat your hair any different? Once the hair has been disinfected, bleached and dyed the appropriate color it is so damaged they need to add silicone for shine and to create the ‘natural’ wave they claim to have. But this doesn’t last, and the hair will look TERRIBLE within a few days!

Our experience with Indique hair is the following:

Dry and brittle: Not exactly the soft, flowing locks they show on their website. It’s probably from all the harsh chemicals they use!

Breaks easily: If you think straightening it will make it look smoother, think again! Heat styling only makes it worse!

Tangles easily. Tangles is almost an understatement! This hair look downright MATTED, like horses hair! We think it’s because it is the scrap hair from multiple donors that it is like this. They make such a point of saying they don’t use animal hair, but it sure doesn’t feel like soft, natural human hair.

Shedding: We talk about how poor quality Indique is in THIS video segment, and as you can see we were NOT impressed with the quality of their hair. It sheds, leaving gross and embarrassing chunks of hair in your hairbrush, shower or even worse!

It SMELLS BAD: Check out our review video, where you guessed it, we talk about how GROSS their hair smells. Disinfected, chemically treated hair STINKS!

Overall, our experience of Indique hair is it is just as bad as Queen Virgin Remy and Mayvenn hair. You can read the reviews for both of those brands here. Don’t trust their website, this hair is not worth your time or money!


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