Go Naked Hair Reviews

Go Naked hair has been getting all sorts of attention because of their sassy name and because of Porsha Stewart, the stunning face to their company. Porsha Stewart is an Atlanta based socialite and self-proclaimed beauty expert. We agree 100% with their tagline ‘clothes are optional, but hair is not!’ And that’s why we decided to put Go Naked to the test to determine if we really couldn’t live without their extensions. We will cut to the chase, and tell you exactly what we thought of Go Naked extensions.

Photos from the website:

These are a few photos taken from the Go Naked website, showing thick, lustrous and shiny hair. It almost looked too good to be true! Porsha always looks amazing, and her hair really is incredible. We really hoped this is what our the extensions were going to look like.


When we received the bundles, we knew right away that Go Naked was too good to be true. The hair didn’t look anything like the website! It felt quite coarse, like human hair that has been bleached over and over, and never once conditioned. We all know how soft, luxurious human hair is supposed to feel, and immediately we knew this hair had been colored or treated with harsh chemicals.

Actually we were quite disappointed, and surprised because the website claims the following:

“Our hair is guaranteed to be 100% human virgin hair.

  1. Minimal shedding
  2. Has not been chemically altered or treated
  3. Can be dyed, washed, and styled to your desire”

But this was not our experience AT ALL! Read on to find out how Go Naked hair extensions held up to our testing!

You can see in this video segment that when we tried the Go Naked hair, after wearing it for only 3 weeks, it was matted and we had to take it out! For $120 a bundle, you would expect it to last longer than that! After trying Go Naked extensions, and comparing it to how Porsha Stewart looks, we concluded there is NO way that she actually wears her own hair!

How sketchy is that!?!?!

If she were going to put her name on this company, you’d think that they would at least make really good quality extensions to match her glam appearance. WRONG.

So this made us wonder…. If Porsha Stewart is peddling inferior hair, and wearing really nice quality hair, where exactly do you think this matted, tangled, and trashy hair comes from? If you guessed China, you were right.

We’ve written about the atrocious and disgusting methods they use to prepare inferior quality extensions in China while reviewing other brands, but we’ll break it down again so you know exactly why you need to STAY AWAY from Go Naked hair if you ever want to have your own natural hair again!

1.)  Based on the matted, tangled appearance of this hair, it is NOT single donor hair. Single donor hair is very hard to find, but you can tell when you find it because it soft, luxurious and doesn’t shed or tangle.  As you can see in the video Go Naked hair IS NOT SINGLE DONOR HAIR!

2.)  These extensions are made from the remnants (or SCRAPS!) from when the high quality hair is cut off. It is swept up from the floors along with all the dirt, bugs, dandruff and LICE and stuffed into big bags and shipped to China.

3.)  In China, to detangle this mess and make it sanitary (all those lice have to be killed somehow!) they blast the hair with harsh detergents. Like industrial grade detergents that you would NEVER touch without rubber gloves.

4.)  Next, because the hair is absolutely DESTROYED from the detergents, they have to bleach and re-dye it to make it look like it healthy and dark. So if you had planned on dying your extensions once they are put in, you’re out of luck. This hair is already damaged beyond repair! Dying it will just make it even more brittle!

5.)  Next, to make the hair appear soft so you don’t send it back the second you receive it, they coat the extensions with silicone. This won’t last, and within a couple of weeks you will be able to feel all those gross detergents and bleaches they use.

But wait, it gets WORSE….

I don’t know about you, but for us, we use extensions while we nurture and protect our natural hair so that we can grow it nice and long. But if you use extensions that have been treated with toxic chemicals full of heavy metals your hair follicles will actually DIE. Yes, that’s right, your body in an effort to protect itself (and your brain!) from damage will prevent the absorption of these damaging toxins by KILLING your hair follicle.

Don’t take chances with your hair. Go Naked hair extensions are NOT the pristine single donor hair they claim to be. Save your money and protect your hair by avoiding Go Naked at all costs!

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