How to Find a Killer Stylist!

April 2, 2013
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How to Find a Killer Stylist!

African-American women take tremendous pride in their hair. So how do you find a killer stylist? You don’t want to mess around with a salon that rejects black hair or with a stylist who is so inexperienced he leaves you with permanent damage. In that same vein, she may have 20 years of experience, but if she’s a hood hair stylist with no license, you better run, not walk.

A killer stylist not only has an understanding of African-American hair, he or she is professional, licensed and is someone you will return to again and again. So what are some tips on how to find one?

Social networking

You can always ask your friend where she gets her hair done, but what if she doesn’t want you to know? After all, her hair looks way better than yours right now. But that can change. Use social networking to your hair advantage. Is there an Instagram pic of an African-American woman with to-die-for hair? Have you been envying the hair of one of your Facebook buddies for months? What about that celebrity you’ve been following on Twitter, the one with the fabulous weave? Ask the person you follow on a social networking site who her stylist is. Perhaps the stylist works out of a salon in your area. Those whom you’ve never met, but who you follow on social networks, will probably be more than happy to tell you where they get their hair done. If it’s a celebrity, you may not get an answer. After all, celebrities have tons of fans. But it doesn’t hurt to try.


How do you find a killer stylist? Ask a popular hair vendor. For example, vendors such as Her Imports, a leading provider of hair extensions, offer information on licensed, professional, and typically fabulous stylists and salons for African-American women. When you receive a recommendation from a leading vendor, you can be sure that the stylists recommended are top notch.

African-American web-sites

A great way to find a killer stylist is to check out the style and beauty sections of sites for African-American women, such as Hello Beautiful. Sites like these are loaded with tips for landing in the seat of a thoroughly professional hairstylist who can give you the look you’ve always wanted. They also include tons of photos that can help you determine the look you want to achieve when you visit your stylist.

Check it out

Once you’ve got a strong recommendation of a licensed stylist, you’ll need to check her out and you’ll need to check out the salon. Ask for a consultation before you commit. Once you’re there, what does the stylist look like? Does he or she look professional or is it a stylist who could use a shower and a clean set of clothes? What about the attitude? Are you dealing with a friendly person who is willing to answer all of your questions, or a negative one who is in a hurry? Also, determine if prices are reasonable or way out of your price range.

Then, put on your spy glasses. How clean is the shop? Does the stylist’s station look like a tornado hit it? How clean do his or her tools look? Trust your instincts. If it doesn’t feel right, it probably isn’t. So rinse and repeat. However, if a location has received strong recommendations it’s probably A-Okay. Therefore, if you’re satisfied with the consultation, book an appointment. That’s the ultimate test of whether or not you have found your killer stylist. After all, just because you go to the same stylist as the woman whose hair you admire doesn’t mean you’ll get the same result.

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