Should You Color Your Hair or Not?

August 8, 2013
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Should You Color Your Hair or Not?

One big question you may have is should you color your hair or not? That’s a good question, and the question requires some serious considerations. Here are four things to ponder:

Do the chemicals in hair dye concern you?

When a woman colors her hair, it can contribute positively to her mood, outlook and self-esteem. However, permanent, semi-permanent and temporary dyes all have chemicals. Although studies have shown minimal amounts actually enter the skin, if these dyes are used on a regular basis they will ultimate shorten the life of healthy hair.

Permanent dyes are long-lasting but contain the harshest chemicals. Semi-permanent dyes are kinder and gentler, but are designed to wash out in approximately six to 10 shampoos. Temporary is the least harsh, but the dye leaves your hair as soon as you wash it out. So in deciding whether to color your hair or not, you need to determine what type of dye you want to use and you need to measure the risk of damage to your healthy hair.

Are you dying 100% human hair or hair extensions?

For hair to color well without extensive damage, such as dryness, brittleness or hair loss, it needs to be 100% human hair without relaxers or other chemical coloring. In addition, the lighter the hair is to begin with, the easier it is to color. If your hair is relaxed, you’ve got a greater risk of damaging your hair if you add hair dye. This is where a professional stylist is important.

Hair extensions include 100% human hair and synthetic hair. Human hair can be colored with dyes designed for human hair. Synthetic hair cannot. Synthetic extensions are made of plastic, nylon or polyester fibers. These are not intended for dyes used on human hair. A professional stylist is also the way to go when dying hair extensions.

Do you want to color your hair at home?

Saving money is the number one reason people choose to color their hair at home. Box kits of hair color cost anywhere from $4 to as much as $20 which represents significant savings. If you choose a dye that is closer to your actual color, it will suit your skin tone and coloring better. If you’re going for something drastically different, it will be harder to maintain when your roots start to grow. In addition, because you’re coloring at home you risk hair looking completely unnatural.

Convenience is another reason people choose to color at home. You don’t have to wait for an appointment, and the kits are user friendly, including everything you’ll need. You supply the towel, the timer, a mirror, petroleum jelly to protect your skin from stains, and a place to rinse your hair.

But hold on, there are significant concerns when deciding whether to color your hair or not at home. Chances are you’re not a professional, and the results you achieve may not, and probably will not, be the results of a professional stylist, despite how pretty the picture on the box is. The directions give you an amount of time to leave the color on, but it’s an estimate that you have to judge. If your results are not what you desired, you may need to visit a professional to correct it, and you’ll lose the money you were trying to save by coloring at home. In addition, you’re taking a risk to avoid the problems, some severe, associated with hair dye including hair loss, burning, itchiness, swelling in the face or trouble breathing. Therefore, if you’re simply trying to cover gray, for example, at home box treatments can be a great option. But the most professional and dramatic looks should be done by a licensed stylist.

Are you pregnant?

Although studies have shown very little chemicals of hair dye is absorbed into your system, waiting until your second trimester to dye your hair is recommended. Another recommendation is to go with lesser treatments, such as highlights. This type of treatment allows the chemicals to hit your hair shaft and not your skin. However, absolutely do not bleach your hair if you’re pregnant. Also, don’t assume that natural hair dyes, such as vegetable dyes, are completely safe. Natural hair dyes include natural substances, but many of these have some of the same chemicals as permanent and semi-permanent dyes. In the end, in deciding whether to color your hair or not when you’re pregnant, it’s best to go with a professional hairstylist to lessen the risk of chemical exposure and lack of ventilation.

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